Singapore Fashion Runway nurtures our beneficiaries who are youths with special needs/ disadvantaged groups so that they can learn a skill and seek happiness/ fulfillment through our Fashion for a Social Cause and Food for a Social Cause movement. They will learn the following skills through us:

  • Art & Design
  • Digital Design
  • Computer Literacy/ IT Skills
  • Mobile App 
  • Communication
  • Crafts-making/ sewing
  • Accessories-Making
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Design
  • Life Skills
  • Logistics and Delivery
  • Modelling
  • Music & Movement
  • Online Business
  • Retail Management
  • Photography
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Social Work
  • Social Integration
  • Food & Beverage Preparation
  • Customer Service
  • Store Operations
  • Hospitality Skills
  • Housekeeping
  • And More


    31 Marina Coastal Drive #B1-03 Singapore 018988

    (Marina South Pier MRT Station, next to ticketing counter)


    Every Saturday, we will meet the youths at our centre from 2-3.30pm. Each workshop is 1.5 hours only. Parents/ caregivers are welcomed to join us too during the programme, so that you can learn more about your youth(s) too. Caregivers are an integral part of our programme and we appreciate all of you!

    Singapore Fashion Runway aims to create an authentic learning environment and through our platforms (runway shows/ retail stores/ distribution channels/ online store), we talent-spot promising youths with special needs to develop them further in our Creative Arts, Performing Arts and/ or Entrepreneurship tracks.

    We are an inclusive community, so we also welcome youths/ adults who are non-special needs to join our Talent Development Programme too. 


    Our Early Bird Fees are S$20 per session if you sign up before 1 December 2023. You ought to commit the whole year and sign up for for 52 sessions (ie, S$20 X 52 sessions = S$1,040) and pay in FULL upon signing up/ confirmation pls. Each month, the youth will learn different topics together as a class. As they progress, we will identify their talents and nurture them in their passion.

    After 1 Dec 2023, the fees will be S$40 per session, which works out to be S$2,080 per year.

    For promising youths, we will also provide opportunities to develop them into the track of a Marketing Apprentice or a Singapore Fashion Runway coach. They will also be given opportunities in our Fashion and/ or Food store, where they will perform weekly duties to learn in an authentic environment. From time to time, we also have pop-up/ shows, so that the promising youths will also experience meeting more people from all walks of life/ performing in public.

    You may attend a FREE trial session to see if your child/ youth or you enjoy our workshop.

    As we invest in time, resources and effort to nurture everyone, so we prefer to hone and develop them over a period of time. It is also under such weekly and frequent meetings, that the youths and our inclusive community bond together, learn together and grow together purposefully. Everyone is talented if we put our heart, love and soul to nurture them, over time.

    We hope that SFR is like a 2nd home to our PwDs/ beneficiaries/ youths, whereby they can learn to progress, give each other support and give joy and hope to the less fortunate together as ONE too.


    To get to know more about what our youths learn, please watch these videos:


    To learn more about our Fashion for a Social Cause movement, click here:

    Starting 2024, Singapore Fashion Runway will also be starting the Stay for a Social Cause movement. Here, we will train our youths on how to:

    1. Stay together through organised camps and trips, so that they can experience staying together with their friends.

    2. Live together where youths will learn to be independent, and be exposed to life skills trainings that will empower them to look after themselves and do housekeeping, cooking, problem-solving etc on their own, so that they can lead a more sustainable life.

    Many families hope that their youths with special needs are able to be trained to be independent, and as a community, we believe with practice, the youths can form a communal living community and support group for one another.

    We believe, the earlier we train them on living independently, the easier they can integrate into communal living as some of these parents look for options to house them.

    Above all, we hope the youths learn about:

    1. Teamwork

    2. Giving thanks to one another

    3. Helping out whenever others are in need

    4. Communicating positively

    5. Aspiring dreams and working hard to achieve them

    6. Honouring parents

    7. Supporting friends and value them

    8. Have self-control 

    9. And more

    So, what do you think are your youth's talents? Please start and discover them early, and you can enrol him/ her in our Talent Development Programme 2024.