Judging Criteria

There are 3 stages of the model hunt: audition, workshops, followed by grand finals. The participants had to perform their talent and do self-introduction as well as catwalk during the audition round. Once they do all 3, they will then be enrolled into the workshop, where they will learn how to model, make up, style themselves and more.
The judgement day is grand finals, where all finalists will have to perform on stage in 2 segments:
Segment 1 is a catwalk round in their own white top and blue jeans, carrying a merchandise by Singapore Fashion Runway. They had to exude the confidence and bring out the best of the merchandise they are wearing/ carrying.
Segment 2 is a catwalk round where they will be wearing a more formal outfit, and in this segment, they would need to bring out the best in their catwalk, showcasing their fashionable and stylish formal outfit and rock the look based on their outfit in terms of how they strut the runway with style, poise and confidence.

The finalists were judged based on the following 5 criterias:

  1. Fashion and Styling - overall presentable look

  2. Confidence - we assess you on the way you talk, pose or model and eye contact

  3. Star Factor - the X factor

  4. Catwalk - pace and profession catwalk

  5. Overall impression - overall great impression you give to the judges