Mother's Day Collection

This collection of art mugs are drawn beautifully by our youths with special needs. Each one is inspired by a lovely text or quote, and the mugs come with a fat handle or a slim handle, based on the design you choose. We have also sewn up similar Art tote bags so you can pick a matching mug and tote bag too, and support our youths with special needs. 

An artistically designed collection of Art tote bags are yours to keep! Select from quirky quotes like "Little by Little", "Do More of What You Love", "Stay Present", "Be Yourself", "Uniquely You" and more. These bags come with an adjustable strap, so you can carry them 2 ways. Definitely very practical, yet artistic. Shop the collection now!

Celebrate Mother's Day with style! Pick our beautiful hand crochet rainbow bags, which come in green, black and white with cheery pom poms. Each is a perfect accessory that perks up your day with your loved ones.

A beautiful bag is yours to keep, with a social cause too. Shop now!

Rainbow Bag

Rainbow Bag