Who We Are

Singapore Fashion Runway (SFR) is a social enterprise that nurtures people with special needs/ disadvantaged groups through its Fashion for a Social Cause movement. Through our enterprise, the disadvantaged communities learn about Creative arts (design, art, crafts-making and photography), Performing arts (modelling, dance, singing and public speaking) and/ or Entrepreneurship (retail management, events management and online business), so that their talents are presented in our Singapore Fashion Runway shows/ platforms.
SFR operates an inclusive space at MARINA SOUTH PIER MRT STATION, where the children/ youths with special needs/ families visit the space weekly to receive training and development. We also have a retail front at People's Park (32 New Market Road #02-1128 S'pore 050032) to provide an authentic learning environment to the People with Disabilities (PwDs) and caregivers,  so that they can learn to serve real customers and showcase their talents/ passion.
In 2021, we opened a retail store in Esplanade Mall (8 Raffles Avenue #02-05/07 The Esplanade Mall S(039802) and a Food for a Social Cause store at Marina One (5 Straits View #B2-04 Marina One The Heart S(018935).
We are seeking outreach partners/ organisations, so that the funds we raise continue to sustain our social enterprise and provide support to the people with special needs/ disadvantaged groups.




Youths with Special Needs

Primarily youths aged 13 to 36 years old. These youths are mostly studying in their special needs school or they may have already graduated. Many find it difficult to integrate into the society, but yet have talents. SFR trains and develops them in their passion, and hope to build an inclusive community to support them, so that they can sustain in the society.

Disdvantaged Groups/ Cancer Patients/ survivors

Most caregivers of special needs families/ cancer patients/ survivors are unable to take on a regular job due to their child’s conditions/ their own challenges. SFR hopes to provide them with projects so that they can complete the tasks/ assignments at their own optimal pace, while contributing to the enterprise/  society. SFR works closely with this group to support the youths with special needs too.